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Wonderlic? More like FUNderlic!

With the NFL Combine upon us, the annual discussions around the use of the Wonderlic Test begins. Some claim that the test is a good gauge of a player's problem-solving skills, while others believe it's an out-dated assessment that doesn't translate to player success. Whatever you believe, the need to assess a player's mental agility is critical in understanding not only their current level of knowledge but also what areas they should focus on improving.

Here at the CogReps lab, we've created a fun new way to accomplish this goal - but not just for the top NFL prospects. Youth football organizations and high schools will be using our game this year to assess and develop their players before the season, during the season and in the off-season. As players progress through our game their Football I.Q. grows while their performance is captured and analyzed. This data is then available to identify player strengths and weaknesses, allowing coaches to tailor their practice and game plans accordingly.

And players aren't the only ones who can play - coaches and parents have access to the game and can play along, learning with their youth athletes. Does your organization struggle to find good volunteer coaches? Our game can be used to assess coaches and their knowledge of the playbook. Or, for those new coaches looking for some guidance, our framework provides a roadmap on where to start all the way through the season.

So when you hear Wunderlic and wonder if there's a better way to test cognitive ability, remember your friends at CogReps. Our "FUNderlic" approach will not only test your knowledge, but before you know it you'll be the smartest one on the field!

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