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How to become a SMASH Routes Brand Ambassador

1) Submit application [click here]

2) Wait for welcome letter via email

3) Download game and read rules/FAQ below

4) Add name and email as referrer on purchase form to get credit

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How do I APPLY for the Ambassador Program?

1. Submit application [click here] 2. Wait for Welcome Letter via email 3. Download game and read rules/FAQ

What makes a good Ambassador?

- Current customers - Current/former coaches - Former players - Current affiliates/partners/sponsors - Sport influencers (coaches, pro athletes) - Industry leaders - League/Org leaders - Sales/Marketing background - People that are knowledgeable about product - People that are active on social media

How to be a successful Ambassador?

- Frequent communication to their network - Shares ways to use product - Offer advice and relate to product - Write blogs or articles - Post on social media frequently - Deep knowledge of SMASH Routes - Attends events that involve product - Helps organizations with ways to fund product - Teach users how to use product

Ambassador Program Defined

A SMASH Routes Brand Ambassador is an advocate of turning a teams playbook into a mobile game. They are dedicated to spreading the word, adding users, and helping to make the product even better. - Must be approved by CogReps representative - Internal Purchase to own org/league/team - 10% discount - External Purchase from other organizations/leagues/teams - 10% commission of new seat and/or renewed licenses - Ambassador is responsible to make sure that purchaser qualifies for commission - Commission can be either paid as electronic gift card to Ambassador or used as discount during purchase process - Commission will be paid within 90 days of receiving license funds unless used as discount - Purchaser is required to provide Ambassador information at time of purchase in order to receive credit - Teams must be larger than 15 players

Ambassador Milestones

- Share company communications with network once per month - Alert company to opportunities or events that are relevant to SMASH Routes - Have a minimum of 3 external team purchases per season

What are the benefits/rewards?

- Receive SMASH Routes hat or shirt after selling at least 3 external teams (at least 15 players) - eGift card for new purchases - Top Ambassadors will be rewarded with additional incentives - Invite to Annual Ambassador Summit - Receive Basic, Bronze(25+ Teams), Silver(50+), Gold(100+) badge based on sales level

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