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Are you looking to get your players into their playbook more? 

Then you've come to the right place.

See how you can test out Smash Routes below:

Try out the COACH interface


See what player data coaches get access to

(note: data in Demo Team is not real)

Play around with the WHITEBOARD tool

Play the Game to see how players learn their playbook

Get a personalized web demo of the app from the perspective of a COACH


Get questions on the spot to confirm that Smash Routes is right for you!

How Smash Routes Works

How to get access as a COACH to the

Smash Routes DEMO TEAM:

1) Go to

2) Log in with your Smash Routes username/password OR Create an account (new users)

3) Click the ENTER PROMO CODE button

at the top and use code SMASHcoach

4) Log into Smash Routes and access the DEMO TEAM #2 team



How do I JOIN the Coach Demo Team?

1. Go to 2. Log in OR Create an Account (if you're a new SMASH Routes user) 3. Enter Promo Code: SMASHcoach 4. Download SMASH Routes on your mobile device and PLAY!

How do I VIEW the Demo Team?

1. LOG IN to SMASH Routes.

Where do I enter the SMASHcoach CODE?

After creating your Account (Username and Password), you'll be directed to your Account Management page. There, you'll see a "ENTER PROMO CODE" field at the top of the page. Enter Cdemo in that field and click SUBMIT to get access to the Challenge Playbook. Download the Smash Routes app to your device, log in and play!

Can I get SMASH ROUTES for my own team?

YES! Go to to learn more about how to get your team playbook loaded into the game. Contact us here to see how Smash Routes can help enhance your team experience next season! Purchase your licenses at

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