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We miss seeing you at our vendor booth and the social hours!

MFCA COACHES receive 20% off 2021 Team License Fees when you sign up by May 31st, 2021.


  • How do I sign up so my kid can play SMASH Routes?
    1. Register a new account REGISTER NOW 2. Verify email by clicking link in email. 3. Add new household members during registration or by clicking the plus “+" button next to "Member" in Account Management portal. 4. Verify any members under the age of 13 via email. 5. Download or open the SMASH Routes App and login.
  • Why do you ask for date of birth?
    In order to comply with the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we need to verify that all users under the of age of 13 have consent of a parent or guardian. Thus parents/guardians need to create an account, add each child, and verfiy via email for each child under the age of 13.
  • What if I don't see the email verification?
    Check Spam folder for the email system registered. If that doesn't work, then click the resend email verification provided during registration. If you already closed the window, then reregister.
  • I clicked the email verification link but it didn't work. Why?
    You may have clicked an expired link from an old email. The email verification link will only work in the last email sent to you, so make sure to find the most recent email sent. Note that any previous emails are inactivated for security purposes.
  • Can I add another parent/guardian?
    Yes, you can add another parent/guardian to a household by clicking the plus "+" button next "Member". You can also add the parents email as another login, by clicking the "+" button next to "Login". LOGINHERE
  • How do I register as a coach?
    You can only be set as a coach with authorization from an administrator from the school/organization after purchasing a TEAM or ENTERPRISE license. CONTACTUS to learn more.
  • Why did I get two (2) emails for verifying consent for COPPA?
    You will get one (1) email for each child under 13 years of age that you add to your household. You need to click the verify consent link for each email in order for the child to be added to your account.
  • Why does a child in my household show as "unverified"?"
    If a child in your household is showing as "unverified", then you need to find the COPPA email and click the verify consent link.
  • I clicked the verify consent link, so why does my child still show as "unverified"?"
    If your child still shows as "unverified," you may have clicked a link from an old email. The verify consent link will only work in the last email sent to you. Click the RESEND EMAIL button from the ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT portal, and a new email will be generated. Note that any previous emails are inactivated for security purposes.
  • What is a Household?
    A household is a way for a parent/guardian to manage the children under 13 years of age. The household IS NOT the team and coaches shouldn't add players to their household.
  • Why do I have an "Primary" icon next to my name?"
    The "Primary" means that you are the Head of Household and in charge of the settings for the account.
  • Can I add another email to the account?
    Yes, you need to LOGIN and click the "+" button under household logins. Then verify the new login via email.
  • What if I forgot my password?
    Go to the login page and click "Forgot Password?". Then enter your email to receive an email with a link to reset your password. Or click "Forgot?" within the SMASH Routes App.
  • Does my child play SMASH Routes using my login?
    Yes, you use the email that you registered with to login. You should add each member of your household that will play the game. After you login to the game, your child should be listed as a member so they can play under their profile. If you don't see your child, then LOGIN and add them as a member. You will also need to verify for COPPA compliance if they are under 13 years of age.
  • I don't see my child listed after I login to SMASH Routes game
    You need to LOGIN to the user portal and add your child as a member of your household. Select "Household" from the menu. Click the GREEN plus "+" button next to "Member".
  • How does SMASH Routes work?
    ATHLETES Players play the game, progressing through modules that teach concepts of the sport, such as positions, formations, routes, and techniques. They also play all the plays within their team playbook from EVERY position. Learn More COACHES Coaches can also PLAY the game themselves, whether to learn more about their playbook or simply for enjoyment! The players' gameplay performance is captured and analyzed, and coaches can view this data to identify areas that need improvement, manage and balance their lineups, and create scouting reports that will control the players' interaction in the game. Learn More PARENTS Parents receive access to the game and can play along and learn with their child. It's a win, win, win! Learn More
  • What do I need to play SMASH Routes?
    SMASH Routes can be played on any mobile device including all Apple, Android and Amazon devices. Once downloaded, simply create an account with username and password and start playing! Sign Up Now (NOTE: If you're part of a TEAM LICENSE, your team's playbook will be available once your team is setup).
  • Can I install my own playbook into SMASH Routes?
    Yes! A Team License allows you the ability to get YOUR playbook in the game so your players can learn your plays and your playbook terminology. Currently, we install your playbook (involving consultation with your coaches to ensure accuracy), however our Playbook Creator Tool is coming soon to allow coaches to create and install their own plays.
  • Who can buy a TEAM LICENSE for SMASH Routes?
    Licenses are available from a single team license up to an entire league. Coaches can purchase for their own team or a school/organization can purchase an enterprise licenses for access across multiple teams, including their specific playbooks and performance data rolled up to the organization level. Contact us to learn more.
  • Can parents get access to the game, along with their child and coaches?"
    Yes! A Team License gives parents of players on the team access to the game, just like coaches and players. The parents' performance in the game does not get reported to the coach, but they can play along and learn all the same content as their youth player!
  • Is there a FREE version of the game, or do I need to buy a team license?"
    Yes, there is a FREE basic version of SMASH Routes! Download the app and create an account, and you'll be off and learning the basic concepts of the sport. Have fun! Get started here.
  • Which sports are supported by SMASH Routes?
    Currently, football is the only sport available. However more sports are coming soon, so tell us which sport you'd like to see next! Contact Us
  • What do I do if the SMASH Routes App freezes or not responding?
    Please close the SMASH Routes APP completely and restart the App from the icon. If you continue to have trouble, then check to see if there is an update. The last option would be to uninstall the App and reinstall.
  • How do I login to SMASH Routes App after registration is complete?
    If you still see the email verification page, then click the "CLOSE" link in the upper left hand corner of page to return to login screen.
  • How do I ENTER the Challenge?
    1. Go to 2. Create an Account (if you're a new SMASH Routes user) 3. Download SMASH Routes App on your mobile device and PLAY! The Challenge is located in the SMASH Routes public team.
  • How do I PLAY the Challenge?
    1. Go to the CHALLENGE button in the SMASH Routes public team 2. Select START, find the Challenge you want and play through all the trials until you see the results screen. 3. For LIVE Contests, try to get to the top of the leaderboard for a chance to WIN. (Must remain at top at the end of contest to WIN)
  • How do I WIN the Challenge?
    1. Go to the CHALLENGE button in the SMASH Routes public team 2. Play a LIVE CHALLENGE to get on the Leaderboard 3. Get into a winning place on the LEADERBOARD for a chance to WIN (must remain in winning spot at the end of competition in order to WIN)
  • What do I WIN?
    The 1st Place CHALLENGE WINNER will receive an Gift Card (Amount varies per Challenge). Additional CHALLENGE WINNERS will receive Smash Routes SWAG (choice of athletic T-shirt or a Smash Routes fitted Trucker Hat!) (The number of additional winners varies per Challenge, but typically the top 3-5 places win a prize) *Restrictions apply, see **Any ties will be broken by Challenge time clock and/or progress in the general SMASH Routes public team game.
  • How do I know if I WON?
    Watch the LEADERBOARD in the CHALLENGE to see where you stand against others. If you're in a winning position on the leaderboard when the contest ends (see expiration date in the Challenge Trial in the app), you're a winner! NOTE: EVEN IF DON'T SEE YOUR NAME IN A WINNING SPOT, YOU COULD STILL WIN! PLAYERS CAN ONLY WIN ONE PRIZE PER CONTEST SO IF ONE PLAYER HOLDS MULTIPLE SPOTS WE WILL AWARD PRIZES TO THE NEXT PLAYER ON THE LEADERBOARD! All final WINNERS will be contacted via email.
  • How do I know WHEN a Challenge is LIVE?
    1. Go to the CHALLENGES button in the game and open it. 2. Look for the Expiration (Exp.) Date and Time listed in the Challenge Trial button. 3. If the Expiration date/time has not passed yet, it's live!
  • What if I don't see the CHALLENGE in the SMASH Routes Team?
    1. Make sure you click on the SMASH Routes Team 2. Make sure you're updated to the latest version of the app. 3. If you still don't see it, then log out of the app and log back in. 4. If still having trouble, please CONTACT US
  • Can I play if I'm under 13 YEARS OLD?
    YES! When creating your Account, you'll be asked to provide an email address for a parent/guardian. An email will be sent to that address requesting consent for you to access the Smash Routes app. Let your parent/guardian know to look for the email and complete the consent verification process. Once consent is provided, you can log in and play! Any prize that is won will be issued to the parent/guardian.
  • Can I get SMASH Routes for my own team?
    YES! Go to to learn more about how to get your team playbook loaded into the game. Interested in a demo? Contact us here to see how Smash Routes can help enhance your team experience next season!
  • Will other people see my NAME on the LEADERBOARD?
    No. Only YOU can see where you are on the Leaderboard. Anyone else on the leaderboard shows as "Anonymous###". So you can see where YOU stand on the leaderboard but not who you have to beat!
  • Can I WIN more than once?
    1. In each Challenge, you can only win one prize. If you finish in more than one place that wins a prize, you will receive the highest level prize. 2. You cannot win a prize in CONSECUTIVE challenges. So if you won a prize in a challenge, you cannot win a prize in the following posted Challenge.
  • Is it possible to WIN if my name doesn't end up within the top of the leaderboard?
    YES! It is possible that one player could hold multiple positions on the leaderboard (ex. Player 'A' holds 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 10th place), but they will only win with their highest place. SO, even if your place is lower than the stated winners (ex. you are in 7th place but prizes are for top 3), you could possibly still be a Winner if you are in the top # of UNIQUE players in the contest! So don't stop working up the board just because you see high scores that are hard to beat!
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