• Lloyd Campbell III

My Take - Unity On The Rise

A Software Company’s Desires

The versatile software tool is out to prove it can tackle the world’s problems with the same technology that keeps gamers glued to their screens. The engine gives us free tools to create 3D, 2D, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality immersive experiences. Their stock debut, in my opinion, is a call out to the world that they are serious about their ambitions.

Unity software has been proven to be a helpful tool in a diverse range of industries. They don’t just want to make games, but to transform the automotive industry, aid architects, and make movies.

Automakers are using Unity’s virtual reality to design vehicles. Unity Automotive claimed that more than 60% of the industry uses their software. More and more architects are using Reflect, Unity’s open-source tool. Reflect allows users to develop their applications where they can finally attach critical information to visualizations with no hassle.

Additionally, Unity worked with Disney Television Animation to win a Technology and Engineering Emmy for “Baymax Dreams” in 2019.

The Rising Stock

The company went public after Unity completed their Initial Price Offering (IPO) on September 17, 2020. They debuted at $75 a share and soared to more than double that price within three months. Unity is seeking to raise $1.2 billion to expand its 3D software.

In my opinion, there still isn’t enough data to confirm whether or not Unity is a “Must-Buy'' for investors. The company is “pouring cash into research and development and sales efforts” according to Nasdaq, therefore remaining unprofitable at the moment. One analyst says the share price has risen too far.

However, more analysts are watching the stock price because of the company’s potential growth. The market for its software is $29 billion according to their prospectus. Unity's revenue for the first half of 2020 was $351 million, less than 3% of its addressable market.

There is clear untapped potential but the company's forthcoming actions will determine whether investors will entrust their money with Unity. The company's continued success in the gaming industry is a promising sign.

SMASH Routes and Unity

Unity creates half of the world’s video games. Those games include Hearthstone, Pokemon Go, and the new Football I.Q. training game, SMASH Routes.

SMASH Routes uses Unity because we believe it is the best tool to create an interactive way for athletes to train and test their football knowledge. We’ve created a mobile video game that is not only engaging but teaches the fundamentals of a playbook based on age/skill level. Players learn everything from gaps at the line of scrimmage, lining up in formation, and player assignments, to more complex concepts like reading coverages and executing blitzes on defense.

Better yet, you can install your own team’s playbook into the game allowing players to learn their plays and terminology! Players have fun and spend more time practicing their playbook in SMASH Routes. This extra preparation builds confidence, and the more confident the players are, the more efficient they’ll play on the field while also minimizing injury.