Smash Routes Announces Free Virtual Football League Options

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The return of sports is upon us as leagues and organizations across the country scramble to figure out what their season might look like. The anticipation has been building and organizers are doing everything possible to provide a safe environment that will allow their league to proceed. But some leagues have already been cancelled, leaving players disappointed on the sideline as they're forced to wait for the next season to arrive.

For fall sports like football, the unknown future has league directors considering various options, optimistically preparing to bring players back to the field for preseason activities. The uncertainty of how many participants they may have is creating a treasurer's nightmare, so they're getting creative.

But what will they do if we CAN'T get back on the field?

As coaches, we share these concerns so have created a new alternative to keep players working on their game in a fun and competitive virtual league environment. In these difficult times, our FREE league options give organizations a simple offering to their players while they work out their own league logistics.

The Smash Routes virtual leagues provide players and coaches the opportunity to keep working on their playbook knowledge from anywhere. And it doesn't matter if you don't play 11v11 as we have options for 9, 7 and 5-player leagues as well!


So how does the league work? Over a 6-week season, players will compete against each other in defined game Challenges that focus on the learning progression of a football playbook. By playing all the trials within our mobile game, they learn the playbook content they'll be tested on in the weekly challenges.

On both offense and defense, players will get mental reps on their alignment, assignments and play execution. They'll learn various formations as well as standard terminology that will acclimate them better on the field. The'll also learn player assignments from all positions in both run and pass schemes - everything from blocking assignments, route trees and QB progressions on offense, to gap assignments and coverages on defense.

In week 4, they'll execute assignments as they "chalk" their plays by drawing them out from various positions. Then, in the final 2 weeks they'll put everything together with a comprehensive assessment of their playbook knowledge.

Players work to climb the leaderboards with no limit to the number of times they can play, inherently giving them more reps in the playbook. And with league prizes awarded, including weekly rewards, they'll stay motivated while they expand their football I.Q.!


Sounds like a great idea, right? But what if coaches want to track how their players are doing in these challenges? Or, what if they want to put their OWN playbook in? We've got you covered.

For these teams/organizations, we offer two low-cost options that provide coaches access to their players' gameplay stats, as well as additional tools:

PRIVATE LEAGUE - For just $5/player, a private league will connect an organization's players and coaches in a private environment. Players will play through the same playbook content as the public league. In the Coach interface, they will have access to player performance and progress data, as well as a Whiteboard tool.

CUSTOM LEAGUE - For just $20/player*, a private league can be created with a CUSTOM PLAYBOOK installed**. Players and coaches will be connected as in the private league, but in this case players will play through THEIR OWN PLAYBOOK. The Coach interface will provide player performance and progress data, and the Whiteboard tool will allow coaches to quickly load their plays against various opposing formations/plays, and draw over them on a virtual whiteboard.

* Organizations/Leagues with 150+ licensed players pay only $10/player

** The Smash Routes Team installs the playbook for you! So no need to create your playbook twice if you've already built it out.


How do I join or get my players to join? It's easy. After you download the Smash Routes app on any mobile device (available on AppleStore, GooglePlay, and AmazonStore), and create your account:

For 11v11 PUBLIC League - This playbook is our default so you'll get it automatically. In the "League Challenges" button, you'll find the weekly challenges that will unlock throughout the season. Get in the game and play!

For all other PUBLIC Leagues - Once logged into your Teams screen, click the "Enter Promo Code" button in the top right. Enter the following Promo Code to join the respective leagues:

  • 9v9 League - SMASH9v9

  • 7v7 League - SMASH7v7

  • 5v5 League - SMASH5v5

In the "League Challenges" button, you'll find the weekly challenges that will unlock throughout the season. Get in the game and play!

For PRIVATE Leagues - Learn more and purchase licenses here