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Participate for a chance to win a SMASH Routes T-Shirt and Choice of Hat:

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Challenge FAQ

How do I JOIN in the Challenge?

1. Be on the lookout for a Challenge invitation email sent from SMASH Routes (if you're under 13 years old, check with your parents as the email will be sent there) 2. Click on "Join Team" in the email 3. Log-in or Create an Account (for new SMASH Routes users) 4. Download the SMASH Routes app, log in, and PLAY!

How do I PLAY the Challenge?

Practice the Challenge Playbook by playing through the various unlocked game trials. Then, on the day of the Trusted Coaches Showcase combine, you'll test your knowledge and speed by playing the Challenge at the SMASH Routes station as part of the drills rotation.

How do I WIN the Challenge?

By getting the best score with the fastest time in the OFFENSE or DEFENSE CHALLENGE at the combine. Play as many times as you'd like to improve and climb up the leaderboard.

How do I know if I WON?

Watch the LEADERBOARD in the Challenge to see where you stand against others. The top of the leaderboard will be determined at the end of the Showcase combine. The final WINNER will be announced at the end of the Showcase.

What do I WIN?

The WINNER will receive a SMASH Routes athletic T-Shirt and fitted Trucker Hat (choice of 2 colors).

Why is the CHALLENGE locked in my playbook in SMASH Routes?

The Challenge will be locked prior to the Showcase combine and will be unlocked on the field during the combine rotation. Playing through the unlocked game trials prior to the combine will prepare you for the CHALLENGE on the day of the event!

Why am I playing the Challenge in SMASH Routes?

Smarter players make better players. So as part of the combine, you'll be tested on your mental strength and knowledge of a standard football playbook. Not sure what you'll be tested on? Get into SMASH Routes prior to the combine event and play the game trials that will teach you the elements of the playbook. The more you play, the better prepared you will be for the Challenge!