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Easy setup

Choose Your Schemes

Choose from our standard play schemes based on what you run.  The fundamental concepts stand true over time so get your players working on the basics early and often.

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Create Player Challenges

Use our pre-built Challenge series or customize to fit your season schedule.  Players will focus on Alignment, Assignments, and Play Execution on both OFFENSE & DEFENSE.

Track Player Results

We invite your rosters in and provide coaches private access to the Player Analysis interface.  Player stats and rankings will tell you who's putting in the work. 


Player evaluations can now include football I.Q. and work ethic as you can track their progress in the app.

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the playbook game

When playbook study becomes a mobile gaming session, players put in the extra work. 


Our standard schemes teach the fundamental concepts and terminology of football. 


And our gaming approach to learning ingrains it into players' heads as they compete against their teammates on the X's and O's.


coaching tools

Coaches can track player progress but also get an interactive Whiteboard in the Coach Interface.  

Every play in your playbook is pre-loaded, along with opposing formations and plays.

Touch-screen marker tools allow you to draw up adjustments and give players quick learning tips from anywhere.

If you want to install your own custom playbook, check out our Premium Plans.

Or, get your players started in our Training Camp and install your plays later.

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they say it really works

The 2020 AYF All-Stars had very little time to learn a new playbook.  Hear from the winning QB and O-Lineman on how they did it.

Matt Birk went from Super Bowl Champ to youth football coach.  Hear how he uses Smash Routes to keep players in the game.

Coach Horowitz was known for his index card tests in the hallways.  Hear how the game has changed and why Smash Routes is the future.

When your child wants help but you're not sure how, Smash Routes can get them back in the game.  Hear this family tell you how it helped them.

This All-star Parent tells you what it takes away from the field to make it to the next level.  He's seen it.

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